Last Updated on Oct. 12, 2015

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Oct 12, 2015

Large-Area, Periodic, Hexagonal Wrinkles on Nanocrystalline Graphitic Film

Sinusoidal wrinkles develop in compressively stressed film as a means to release stored elastic energy. Here, a simple way to fabricate large-area, periodic, hexagonal wrinkled pattern on nanocrystalline graphitic films grown on c-plane sapphire (<50 nm thick) by the spontaneous delamination–buckling of the as-grown film during cooling is reported. According to the continuum mechanics calculation, strain-relief pattern adopting the hexagonal wrinkled pattern has a lower elastic energy than that of the telephone cord wrinkle at thickness regime below 50 nm. A high-fidelity transfer method is developed to transfer the hexagonal wrinkled films onto arbitrary substrates. Nanoindentation studies show that hexagonal wrinkle film engineered this way may act as shock absorber. The hexagonal wrinkled carbon film is able to selectively promote the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cell toward the osteogenic lineage in the absence of osteogenic inducing medium.Read more

Jun 15, 2015

Large Single-Crystal Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayer Domains with Controlled Morphology and Straight Merging Boundaries

Hexagonal boron nitride monolayers with domain sizes up to 700 μm2 and geometry from triangle to hexagon are fabricated through a refined control over the precursor and morphology of the copper substrate. Hydrogen etching is shown to tailor the h-BN monolayers precisely along the grain boundaries, providing their morphology over micro­meter scale and a new avenue toward fabricating nanoribbons.Read more

Jun 14, 2015

Low-voltage Driven Graphene Foam Thermoacoustic Speaker

A low-voltage-driven thermoacoustic speaker is fabricated using graphene foams synthesized by a chemical vapor deposition method. When an audio signal is applied to the speaker, sound waves are produced due to the periodicity of air vibrations induced by Joule heating. Read more

Jun 4, 2014

2D materials: Metallic when narrow

2D materials Metallic when narrow
Subnanometre metallic wires can be engineered from semiconducting sheets of transition-metal dichalcogenides by means of a focused electron beam.Read more

May 21, 2014

Bending Poisson Effect in Two-Dimensional Crystals

Bending Poisson Effect in Two-Dimensional Crystals
significant exotic lateral strains can be induced by pure bending in two-dimensional crystals, in which the lateral components of chemical bonds can respond to bending curvature directly.Read more

May 6, 2014

Waving potential in graphene

Waving potential in graphene
Moving a liquid–gas boundary along a piece of graphene can induce a waving potential of up to 0.1 V. This waving potential arises from charge transfer in graphene driven by a moving boundary of an electric double layer between graphene and ionic solutions.Read more

Apr 30, 2014

Top–down fabrication of sub-nanometre semiconducting nanoribbons

Top–down fabrication of sub-nanometre semiconducting nanoribbons
Robust ultrafine molybdenum-sulfide ribbons with a uniform width of 0.35 nm can be widely formed between holes created in a MoS2 sheet under electron irradiation.Read more

Apr 6, 2014

Generating electricity by moving a droplet of ionic liquid along graphene

Generating electricity by moving a droplet of ionic liquid along graphene
A pseudocapacitor is formed at the droplet/graphene interface, which is driven forward by the moving droplet, charging and discharging at the front and rear of the droplet.Read more

May 6, 2013

Electromelting of Confined Monolayer Ice

Electromelting of Confined Monolayer Ice
The melting temperature of the monolayer ice decreases with the increasing strength of the external field due to the field-induced disruption of the water-wall interaction induced well-ordered network of the hydrogen bond.Read more