Tunable electronic and magneticproperties of two-dimensionalmaterials and theirone-dimensional derivatives

Low-dimensional materials exhibit many exceptional properties and functional-ities which can be efficiently tuned by externally applied force or fields. Here wereview the current status of research on tuning the electronic and magnetic prop-erties of low-dimensional carbon, boron nitride, metal-dichalcogenides, phos-phorene nanomaterials by applied engineering strain, external electric field andinteraction with substrates, etc, with particular focus on the progress of computa-tional methods and studies. We highlight the similarities and differences of theproperty modulation among one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials. Recent breakthroughs in experimental demonstration of the tunable functionalities intypical nanostructures are also presented. Finally, prospective and challenges forapplying the tunable properties into functional devices are discussed.

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